KATIE BRITT, Senator for Alabama

Committee Assignments

In the 118th Congress, Senator Britt serves on the following committees.

Hearings to examine proposed budget estimates and justification for fiscal year 2024 for the Department of Homeland Security. (Official U.S. Senate photo by Rosa Pineda)

I have always said that my mission is to ensure Alabama has the best possible seat at the table, and these committees strongly position me to fight effectively for our great state’s people, interests, and values during my first two years in the United States Senate. I want to be the kind of leader who works to identify and implement tangible, meaningful solutions to the pressing challenges facing Alabama and America. I look forward to championing priorities that help preserve the American Dream, build a bright future, and grow opportunities for our children and our children’s children.

Senate Committee on Appropriations

There is no doubt that Alabama having a seat on the Appropriations Committee is critical for our state. One of my top priorities is ensuring we maintain a strong national defense and that our men and women in uniform are the best equipped, resourced, and trained in the world, so that American families remain safe and free. I will be a voice for restoring fiscal sanity in our country by spending hard-earned taxpayer money responsibly and responsively. We need to get back to regular order and end the wasteful spending that’s poured fuel on the inflationary fire that is devastating Americans in every corner of our country.

Hearings to examine proposed budget estimates and justification for fiscal year 2024 for the Department of Justice. (Official U.S. Senate photo by David Rogowski)

Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Development

I’m eager to be an outspoken advocate for commonsense consumer protections and fostering a financial environment that promotes freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for hardworking families, small businesses, and retirees across our state and nation.

In addition to serving on the full committee, Senator Britt serves on the following subcommittees.


Senate Committee on Rules and Administration

The institution of the Senate is important to me, and I look forward to being a champion for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the Senate’s cherished tradition of robust debate and civil discourse on the Rules Committee.

Hearings to examine advancing national security and foreign policy through sanctions, export controls, and other economic tools. (Official U.S. Senate photo by Renee Bouchard)