Alabama’s hardworking farmers and cattlemen feed and clothe our state, nation, and world. Senator Britt is grateful for these incredible men and women in every corner of Alabama. She understands that food security is both economic security and national security. 

Farms across Alabama face ongoing challenges every single day as needless red tape and persistent inflation on essential inputs continue to take a toll and increase costs.  Misguided bureaucratic regulations, ranging from those that would eliminate the use of fertilizer to those that would allow the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate ponds and dry ditches, do not strengthen our agriculture community. Senator Britt has challenged the current Administration’s harmful regulatory agenda at every turn. She has also cosponsored legislation to eliminate the Death Tax, because hardworking Americans have paid their fair share of taxes throughout their lives, and family farmers and cattlemen should not be forced to sell their land to pay the federal government upon the death of a loved one. 

Senator Britt knows that it is past time Congress passes a unified, comprehensive, and farmer-friendly Farm Bill that advances the needs of our nation’s farmers and cattlemen and appropriately manages nutrition and labor challenges facing communities in every corner of America.  She believes in an appropriate nutrition-based safety net for those who need it most.

Importantly, Senator Britt has supported numerous pieces of legislation to combat the rise in American land ownership by foreign adversaries as well as cyber threats to our nation’s critical agricultural sector. Last year, she introduced the Not One More Inch or Acre Act, and has additionally cosponsored the Farm and Food Cybersecurity Act, the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act (AFIDA) Improvements Act of 2024, and the Foreign Adversary Risk Management (FARM) Act.

The hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and 21st century innovation of Alabama’s agriculture community fuels growth and opportunity for families and communities across our great state.  Senator Britt is proud to be an unwavering champion for our farmers and cattlemen as well as those hardworking Alabamians in the forestry sector.