Education & Workforce

When it comes to education, Senator Britt believes that every family should be empowered to make the best possible choice for their child – one size does not fit all. Parents and families know best, and they should be in control of their individual child’s education. Prioritizing educational freedom nationwide would unlock the American Dream for millions of children, including in communities across Alabama. As a member of the School Choice Caucus, Senator Britt is a vocal advocate for educational freedom, which she believes equips families to make important decisions to help their children achieve their full potential and secure a bright future.

She is especially grateful for the incredible educators who work tirelessly throughout the year to help children thrive in their respective educational environments. Many families have the confidence that their local traditional public school is the place where their child will thrive. For some, the best place for their child is a different school, whether that be a traditional public school in another district, a public charter school, a public magnet school, home schooling, a virtual academy, or a hybrid solution. Others know that their children would be most successful in a private school, parochial school, or trade school. 

Senator Britt continues to support legislation that expands educational freedom and opportunity for students. This includes with Educational Choice for Children Act and resolutions celebrating and officially designating National School Choice Week. Senator Britt will always to fight to ensure that every single child in Alabama has a pathway to achieve their full potential and secure the bright future that they deserve, regardless of their zip code.

Senator Britt’s overarching goal is to grow opportunity — not entitlement. Parents must be empowered to make the best choice for their families, and she wants to ensure that being a productive member of the workforce is a viable option. Senator Britt believes that it is imperative that we pursue policies at the federal level to bolster our labor force participation rate, grow the economy, and ensure more people have the dignity of work and the hope to realize their American Dream.

Like too many Alabamians, Senator Britt has experienced America’s broken child care system firsthand. More than a decade later, she hasn’t forgotten the hurdles she had to navigate as a new mom. Hardworking families, parents, and providers across the United States know that we face an existing child care crisis, and it is past time that Congress enacts real, long-term policy solutions to transform that reality.  

Parents should not have to choose between working and staying home to raise their children because the cost of child care is unaffordable. Nor should they have to settle for low quality child care or be held captive to certain providers because that is the only option available. That’s why she is currently developing comprehensive, commonsense legislation to tackle the child care crisis we face. Without a doubt, this will be a monumental challenge. As she works with fellow parents, thought leaders, and colleagues, she will be relentless in approaching child care solutions through a lens of prioritizing freedom and focusing on innovative ideas that put children and parents first. Whether you are a working couple, a single mom or dad, or a guardian raising a child, Senator Britt believes that you deserve to be seen and heard – and you deserve child care access that works for your family.