Faith, Family, & Freedom

Senator Britt will always fight to preserve Alabama’s values of faith, family, and freedom. Our federal government has a duty to ensure that hardworking American families have the opportunity to thrive in safe, strong communities. She works tirelessly to defend the values and liberties on which our nation was founded, and to preserve the American Dream for our children and our children’s children.

As a Christian, wife, and mom, one of Senator Britt’s top priorities is being a voice for the voiceless and supporting children, mothers, and families across our nation. Ultimately, she wants every child not only to be born but to have the opportunity to live their American Dream. Her goal is for Alabama to be the best place in the world to live, work, worship, and raise a family. She is proud to continue to fight to defend life, empower parents, and grow opportunities for hardworking families.

For over 40 years, taxpayers have relied on the annual appropriations process to include the “Hyde Amendment,” which prevents federal funds from being used to pay for abortions.  Sadly, in recent years, Democrats have sought to strip this pro-life provision from annual appropriations legislation. As a member of the Labor, Health and Human Services subcommittee on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Senator Britt successfully fought to ensure the Fiscal Year 2024 Labor-HHS Appropriations bill included the Hyde Amendment. 

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Senator Britt has always believed as a constitutional conservative that restrictive gun control measures are contrary to both the letter and the spirit of our United States Constitution. Restrictive gun control measures prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves, because criminals, by definition, refuse to follow the law.  

She believes that we need to enforce the laws already on the books, combat the growing culture of violence in society, and address the underlying mental health issues that often contribute to heinous, senseless crimes. We must also ensure that individuals who commit crimes with firearms are held accountable for their actions and that due process and the rule of law are upheld.