National Security & Defense

Having grown up outside the gates of historic Fort Rucker (now Fort Novosel), Senator Britt has seen firsthand that the sacrifices made by our servicemembers extend to their entire families. The American Dream would not be possible without the courageous men and women of our Armed Forces, and we owe them all an eternal debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. Our servicemembers keep our homeland strong and our communities safe.

With adversaries such as China, Russia, and Iran becoming increasingly more aggressive, there is no more important priority than our national defense. Senator Britt believes that our warfighters must remain the best trained, equipped, and resourced in the world. The United States must maintain a robust military through strategic investments and modernization efforts. Senator Britt will always make the security of our country and the wellbeing of our servicemembers a top priority.

As a fierce and unapologetic supporter of Israel, Senator Britt has continued to advance America’s strategic interests and support Israel. Since Hamas’ despicable terrorist attacks on October 7, 2023, she has cosponsored the Emergency Resupply for Iron Dome Act of 2023, sent a letter to President Biden calling on all G7 nations to isolate and economically sanction Iran in the wake of this terror, joined a bipartisan resolution that expresses our strong and unequivocal support for Israel, and sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken requesting more information on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Investigation into Iran.  She also sent a letter to President Biden with a bipartisan group of senators urging the Administration to focus its efforts on safely returning American citizens held hostage by Hamas.  Recently, she has joined a resolution condemning Hamas terrorists’ use of sexual violence, sent a letter to President Biden urging the Administration to enforce sanctions on the Iranian steel and oil industries, and cosponsored the End Iranian Terrorism Act which, if enacted, would direct the Biden Administration to enforce current Iranian oil sanctions and starve the Iranian terror regime of its resources.

Senator Britt believes peace will only come through strength, while weakness invites war. In the face of growing hostile aggression, she believes it is past time for this Administration to forgo a strategy of appeasement and hold our adversaries accountable.  The stability of the region and world, the security of our own homeland, and the safety of our communities and families depends on it.