U.S. Senator Katie Britt Releases Statement on Three U.S. Soldiers Killed by Iranian Proxy Attack

January 28, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 28, 2024 – United States Senator Katie Britt (R-Ala.) released the following statement after a drone attack by Iranian-backed terror proxies killed three U.S. servicemembers and injured at least two dozen more at the Tower 22 outpost in Jordan:

“My heart breaks for the three American heroes we’ve lost at the hands of Iran’s terror network. These courageous, devoted soldiers were some of the very best among us. Their valiant service and ultimate sacrifice will not be forgotten. I know that the people of Alabama join me today in praying for their loved ones, as well as for the recovery of every servicemember who was injured in this heinous, cowardly attack. There are American families who woke up to unimaginable nightmares this morning. May God’s grace bring them comfort and healing in their time of grief. 

“Today’s news is even more tragic knowing that it was avoidable. On October 31, during a public hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I questioned Secretary Austin about the escalating attacks on American troops in the Middle East. I asked him twice if Iran understood where the United States’ red line is, and he twice pivoted away from a direct answer. In his response, he did say that “we’ve been clear that the protection of our troops is important.” However, this Administration’s actions – not only in the past four months but going back to January 2021 – tell a different story. President Biden’s strategy of appeasement across the globe has been interpreted by our adversaries as weakness in the White House. That has invited more and more hostile aggressions, which has led to a more unstable and more dangerous world. Since October 17, U.S. personnel and installations in the Middle East have been attacked at least 160 times, because the Administration has continually failed to achieve effective deterrence. The foreseeable, devastating result of this failure is what we’re facing today. 

“Peace will only come through strength. We know that the Iranian regime is responsible for these deaths and for the bloody turmoil unfolding throughout the region. Remember that this is the same regime that is the largest state sponsor of terrorism on earth. This is the same regime that the Biden Administration has recklessly enriched to the tune of billions of dollars. And it’s the same regime against which the Biden Administration still obstinately refuses to enforce a bonecrushing, maximum-pressure sanctions campaign. If the President meets this moment with further fecklessness, more American lives will be lost. Every malign actor across the planet is watching. The United States’ response must be swift, decisive, and overwhelming in order to finally achieve deterrence and protect Americans both at home and abroad.”