June 22, 2023

Washington, D.C., June 22, 2023 – U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-Ala.), a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, today joined her colleagues in advancing the 2024 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, which included nearly $434 million for Alabama’s military installations and a new reporting requirement for Space Command headquarters.

In the bill, Senator Britt directly secured nearly $83 million for improvements and investments on Alabama’s military bases. A detailed breakdown of the congressionally directed funding for the state can be found below.

Fort Novosel ($68.2 million):

1. Army Radar Approach Control – $7 million (requested by Senator Britt)

  • Construct an Army Radar Approach Control Facility (ARAC) to support Army Aviation training mission.


2. Hazardous Materials Storage Facility – $3.85 million (requested by both Senator Britt and Senator Tuberville)

  • Construct a new Hazardous Materials Warehouse (HMW) and Hazardous Waste Warehouse.


3. MEDEVAC Ready Building – $6.1 million (requested by both Senator Britt and Senator Tuberville)

  • Construct a Ready Building to support 24-hour operations for an on-call Air Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) crew at Cairns Army Airfield.


4. Barracks Complex – $41.2 million (requested by Senator Britt)

  • Funding will finish construction of a barracks complex for soldiers at Fort Novosel.


5. Aircraft Parts Storage Facility – $4.95 million (requested by Senator Tuberville)

  • Funding will finish construction on a facility to house aircraft parts.


6. Vehicle Maintenance Storage Facility – $5.1 million (requested by Senator Tuberville)

  • Funding will finish construction on a facility to store vehicles.


Maxwell Air Force Base ($13.9 million):

1. Construct Air Command and Staff College – $5.1 million (requested by Senator Britt)

  • Construction of one-story addition and two-story addition to Air University’s Air Command & Staff College (ACSC).


2. Replace (construct) Gunter Fitness Center – $8.8 million (requested by Senator Britt)

  • Construct a facility to ensure the fitness and readiness of service members.


Redstone Arsenal ($25.3 million):

1. Airport Runway Extension (overruns) – $5.5 million (requested by both Senator Britt and Senator Tuberville)

  • Construct an overrun on the north and south end of runway to support Redstone Arsenal Airfield’s multiple DOD and DOJ missions.


2. Airfield Fire and Rescue Station – $5.6 million (requested by Senator Britt)

  • To provide a three company Airfield Fire and Rescue Station.


3. Access Control Building – $4 million (requested by Senator Tuberville)

  • To build a new access control building to support Redstone Arsenal.


4. Natural Gas Expansion and Meter Station – $4.8 million (requested by Senator Tuberville)

  • Build and update the gas meter stations on Redstone.


5. Test Area 7 Relocation – $ 5.4 million (requested by Senator Tuberville)

  • Funds to relocation Test Area 7 on Redstone.


The bill advanced by the Senate Appropriations Committee also includes nearly $326 million in additional Alabama priorities supported by Senator Britt. These include $65 million for the military housing privatizing initiative at Maxwell Air Force Bases Air Education and Training Command, $7 million for the F-35 Ops Building for the 187th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Field in Montgomery, $50 million for a substation power project at Redstone Arsenal, $57 million for Army Reserve Center in Birmingham, and a $147.975 million ground test facility infrastructure project in support of a Redstone Arsenal tenant.

“This critical funding ensures that Alabama will continue to lead the way when it comes to keeping our nation safe and secure. At a time when our enemies around the world such as China, Russia, and Iran continue to aggressively posture, I believe that there is no more important investment than our national security. I appreciate the partnership from our delegation, state and local leaders that helped us advocate for our state’s priorities and I look forward to continuing to fight to bring home our tax dollars to our communities,” said Senator Katie Britt. 

In addition, Senator Britt added report language with the unanimous support of the committee that will require the Secretary of the Air Force to provide a report within 90 days of the bill’s enactment detailing all funds that have been spent or obligated towards the construction, renovation, and improvement of facilities for Space Command headquarters. This will ensure Air Force leaders remain accountable to Congress, and are clearly following the multiple independent reviews that have named Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville as the best location for this critical facility.

“It’s far past time for the Pentagon to announce a final basing decision on the permanent location for Space Command Headquarters. Time and time again, objective analysis has confirmed that Redstone Arsenal is the best location for America’s national security interests. With this report language, we can help ensure that politics is kept out of this process,” Senator Britt stated.

The bill also directs $16 billion to veterans’ mental health programs, including $3 billion for suicide prevention outreach and treatment programs.

The 2024 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act now moves to the full Senate for consideration. The Appropriations Committee is expected to advance more bills in the coming weeks.