WASHINGTON, D.C., January 31, 2023 – United States Senator Katie Britt (R-Ala.), along with a bipartisan group of 60 of her Senate colleagues, joined a letter today urging the administration to continue support for the Medicare Advantage program, which provides quality health care to millions of seniors and individuals with disabilities across the U.S.

“The number of Americans who choose Medicare Advantage continues to grow each year, with enrollment doubling over the last decade, resulting in Medicare Advantage serving nearly 50 percent of individuals eligible for Medicare,” the Senators wrote. “…In 2023, average Medicare Advantage premiums will fall to a 16-year low of $18 per month and beneficiaries will have access to vital financial protections, including out-of-pocket spending limits and often prescription drug coverage for no additional premium.”

The Senators also urged “CMS to look at meaningful ways to continue to sustain and strengthen Medicare Advantage that protects beneficiaries’ affordability and access and builds on the unique attributes of Medicare Advantage.”

“We are committed to our nearly 30 million constituents across the United States who rely on Medicare Advantage, and to maintaining access to the affordable, high-quality care they currently receive. We ask that the Administration provide a stable rate and policy environment for Medicare Advantage that will strengthen and ensure the long-term sustainability of the program—protecting access to its important benefits on which our constituents have come to rely,” they concluded.

“It is crucial that we meet our obligations to the hardworking families and retirees who have paid into Social Security and Medicare their entire careers.  Over half of all Alabamians who are eligible for Medicare choose Medicare Advantage,” said U.S. Senator Katie Britt. “I will continue to fight to ensure all Alabamians can live their American Dream and thrive in safe, strong communities.”

 You can access the full letter HERE.