WASHINGTON, D.C., February 2, 2023 – Senator Katie Britt (R-Alabama) has joined Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and a bicameral group of colleagues in introducing a joint resolution formally disapproving of the District of Columbia Council passing legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to vote in D.C. local elections.

“Voting in our country is a sacred right that must solely be limited to American citizens. This should be simple commonsense,” stated Senator Katie Britt. “Washington, D.C., and every Democrat-run municipality that wants to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections, is diluting the value of American citizenship, effectively disenfranchising hardworking American citizens, insulting those American citizens who came to our country legally and took the time and effort to go through the citizenship process, and undermining faith in our entire electoral system – which is a cornerstone of our nation that we cannot allow to crumble. D.C. would even allow official representatives of foreign adversaries to vote in local elections in our nation’s capital, when their stated interests run counter to America’s interests. This is a dangerous, illogical policy that Congress has a duty to block.”

Rep. James Comer (KY-01) introduced the joint resolution in the House, while Cotton is spearheading the Senate effort.

Sens. Blackburn (R-Tennessee), Braun (R-Indiana), Cornyn (R-Texas), Cramer (R-North Dakota), Crapo (R-Idaho), Daines (R-Montana), Ernst (R-Iowa), Fischer (R-Nebraska), Grassley (R-Iowa), Hagerty (R-Iowa), Hoeven (R-North Dakota), Hyde-Smith (R-Mississippi), Kennedy (R-Louisiana), Marshall (R-Kansas), McConnell (R-Kentucky), Risch (R-Idaho), Scott (R-Florida), Scott (R-South Carolina), Sullivan (R-Alaska), Romney (R-Utah), Rubio (R-Florida), Thune (R-South Dakota), Tillis (R-North Carolina), Vance (R-Ohio), and Young (R-Indiana) co-sponsored the resolution in the upper chamber.

“The Washington, D.C. council is insulting every voter in America by putting forward this bill. There should be a bipartisan denouncement of this insane policy,” said Senator Tom Cotton.

If passed by the House and Senate and signed by the President, the joint resolution would prevent the D.C. council’s proposed legislation from going into effect.